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 What is a Targeted Individual?


The Targeted Individual program is a direct result of the MK Ultra program from the 1950's.  It involves the 24/7 surveillance of victims by government officials.


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Police facial recognition smartphones will be used to create secret watchlists

Mass Private I A company called Dataworks Plus has developed a portable facial and fingerprint biometric scanner for law enforcement. The ‘Evolution’ is a portable facial and fingerprint smartphone that police can use to identify everyone. “It is multi-modal and can capture fingerprint and facial images and is compatible with our RAPID-ID fingeprint recognition and FACE Plus facial recognition […]

Worldwide Nanobots Market 2018 Scope | The Explosive Power of CAGR ~21% | Strategic Assessment of Emerging Technologies in – by 2023

Medgadget MarketResearchFuture.com adds “Nanobots Market – 2018 Global Analysis, Growth, Trends and Opportunities Research Report forecasting to 2023” reports to its database. TRY SAMPLE REPORT @ https://www.marketresearchfuture.com/sample_request/1301 . The global market of Nanobots is expected to reach US$ 100 billion in 2023 from US$ 74 billion in 2016 with a CAGR of approximately 21% during the forecast period 2017-2023.

Yes, Gun Confiscation Just Happened in Florida, and it Will Happen Nationwide

Jeremiah Johnson | SHTF Plan | Source URL For all those individuals who claimed door-to-door gun confiscation wouldn’t happen? Well, it just did…in Florida.  The report came out via Breitbart on 3/16/18, entitled It Begins: Florida Resident’s Firearms, Ammunition Confiscated Under Gun Control Law. Yes, here it is: Here it starts. Apparently, the individual is a […]

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