Electronic Harassment with Microwave Emitting Drywall: Matthew Aaron Interview with Derrick Robinson

Specially Edited Version of the June 3rd, 2017 Podcast with Derrick Robinson of People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance (PACTS) International. This video was edited for posting on Ella Free’s YouTube Channel. It contains photographs of evidence (provided by Dr. Matthew Aaron), as well as video footage by Matthew and by Cliff Huylebroeck, a targeted individual who seems to have encountered microwave-emitting drywall in Belgium.

In the interview, Dr. Aaron first talks about his experiences as a targeted victim of gang stalking, electronic harassment, and organized electromagnetic torture in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Led by questions from Derrick, Matthew talks about an extremely large and ruthless harassment network that seemed to be active in the building right across the alley from his apartment. Matthew describes rampant voyeurism, surveillance of local residents, visual harassment of local residents, cult-like activities, sexual exhibitionism, “street theater”, ritual abuse, and activities suggestive of a training camp system and reward system for Vancouver’s terror-stalking network. Matthew witnessed examples of these activities after normal business hours in the building across the alley, which is zoned for non-residential use. Dr. Aaron goes on to explain how he feels that his apartment in Vancouver was pre-rigged with electronic harassment devices, probably because it was in plain sight of the gang-stalking headquarters right across the alley. Specifically, Matthew explains his allegations that the drywall in his apartment had embedded electronic harassment technology. Dr. Aaron details several reasons for why he alleges that this particular drywall served as a transmission medium and waveguide system for conveying microwaves along the drywall, until the microwave energy hit certain points inside the drywall, where painful microwave beams were then directed into his apartment. Significantly, Matthew collected several large samples of this very unusual material. In photographs and a video recording (added to this version of the interview with Derrick) Matthew demonstrates how the unusual technology embedded in the drywall fluoresces a brilliant copper-orange color, thereby becoming visible, under UV illumination from a “black light”. In the interview, Dr. Aaron also makes it clear that he will freely offer samples of this material to any officials in federal law enforcement or relevant federal regulatory agencies (in the United States or Canada), who are interested in investigating this unusual and likely illegal building material.

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