Techno Crime Fighters Forum, Episode 24

In this episode, Dr. Horton describes her visits to police in Zurich with evidence, as well as reports on EMF assaults on her recent trip across Europe, detailing how Intel in every country is being activated to assault her across borders. Ramola D talks about infiltration by repressive Govt agents on listservs where those assaulted (TIs) gather to exchange information, and discusses the current article on her website reporting a letter from German TIs to the German Ministry of the Interior, and all the discoveries in that letter. (Currently on home page of Unfortunately it seems the other Techno fighters were sabotaged and bumped off the podcast and could not reconnect. Dr. Marko brought up the sexual trafficking aspects of the targeting program, and all discussed how Intel and Security agencies and fusion centers are essentially guilty of basic crimes against humanity as detailed in Article 7 of the 1998 Rome Statute, an international treaty establishing the International Criminal Court–including rape, sexual assault, enslavement, persecution, and other crimes. Stay tuned for the Notice of Crimes Against Humanity to be published shortly across the globe–under development by the Joint Investigation Team currently. Dr. Horton closed off the show with some top-hound sleuthing analysis on Inspector Miskell, MI5, crisis actors, and the dubious Dragons of (Baby)London. Links to all videos she shared on her screen to be posted here shortly!

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