Two Guys Who Know Some Stuff Talk Nano With Suzanne Maher Of Bye Bye Blue Sky

Suzanne Maher of Bye Bye Blue Sky spoke to the pioneers of nano research Tony Pantalleresco and his colleague Bryan396 about the nano technology in our food, water and air. They have been researching this subject for six years now. Both gentlemen were afflicted with the synthetic biology and discuss their stories, how they came to connect, their research and findings, the hijacking of the health care industry and what we can do to protect our health. We now have to be our own health care providers as the medical industry is not equipped to deal with this biological assault.

This information that these gentlemen provide the listeners is pivotal to our health and survival, we are in a whole new paradigm of taking care of our health and we are now in uncharted territory. We all need to be equipped with the understanding that nano technology is dangerous, unregulated tech that has no boundaries, and our bodies have no firewall. Thanks to Tony and Bryan’s exhaustive research we do have the tools, knowledge and protocols to battle the bio weaponization of our environment. Protect your health.

Research and scan the information provided in the links below to understand what is happening in our environment and in our bodies. Know your Enemy.


Tony Pantalleresco

Bryan Pelletier


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