Omnisense/CounterDark.Org: List of Shadow Government Agendas and Methods

Ramola D
The Everyday Concerned Citizen

Omnisense, author, filmmaker, artist, musician, photographer, prolific web site creator, human rights advocate and Black Ops reporter whose interview with me was featured here earlier, has founded a new organization aimed at countering the dark agendas and actions of the secret agencies and shadow government in destroying all our lives on Planet Earth.

Most people have no idea how sophisticated shadow government and Covert Ops/Black Ops technologies have become today, how insidious, nor how widespread their reach, but if you have been following the revelations and reports of those “Targeted Individuals” coming forward to whistleblow on Neuro-Experimentation, Remote Neural Monitoring, V2K, Synthetic Telepathy,  DEW assault, you might have an inkling.

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