International Day Against Mind Control. It is the anniversary of the death of Dr Rauni Kilde.

Three years ago Ewa Pawela, together with NTV television, started a program where they invite important TI activists and share with Polish and other countries viewers about mind control problem.

This year’s International Day Against Mind Control (February 8) will be organized by NTV television and MIND WARS PL channel.

Last years we had many interesting guests like: Mojmir Babacek , Dr Henning Witte , Ole Dammegard , Evgenia Kramarova , Dr Katherine Horton , Zofia Filipiak , Mieczyslaw Chorzempa , Harald Brems , Terukatsu Ishibashi , Melanie Writschan , Alfred Webre.

This year they would like to share with the audience, the best sources about mind control and the best activists in the TI community that stand against this electronic oppression.

The program will be in two languages, Polish and live English translation.

This year the guests include:

Ella Free

Ramola D

Derrick Robinson

Karen Stewart

and our special guests:

Dr Robert Duncan

William Binney

We hope to have your support!

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