Help tell your V2K story and end V2K though the power of surveys, data, and analysis!

Hello fellow TIs!

Are you a helpful person, dissatisfied with the lack of progress to end your V2K, and willing to try something new?

If so, you can help tremendously by taking an easy online survey about your V2K.

Surveys allow you to tell your story objectively through data. Surveys allow us to learn how TIs are different than other groups, for example the mentally ill. Therefore, they help us to persuade non-TIs in the medical, journalistic, and scientific communities that we are a distinct group that deserves their help.

Help yourself and other TIs like you by taking the following V2K survey!

If you are interested in learning more about why crowd sourced surveys and data analysis are important, then read the following forum article.

Thank you for being a helpful person!

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