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ARA develops Silent Sabre directed energy weapon

Jane’s 360 | Source URL

Applied Research Associates Inc (ARA) has developed a 1.5 kw directed energy weapon called Silent Sabre that attaches to a rifle and performs similar to an acetylene torch at a range of 183-274 m.

Joseph Paranto, ARA director of directed energy, told Jane’s at the Pentagon that Silent Sabre demonstrates the company is able to reduce the size of laser weaponry to an object that can be compacted and inserted into a 27 kg backpack. Paranto said it takes roughly five minutes to attach the weapon to a rifle, but he expects a more accurate estimate in the future as ARA is building and testing Silent Sabre.

Paranto said as the weapon’s fiber-based laser provides a thermal effect: it can heat an object up and burn it or cut metal. Other utilities Silent Sabre provides, he said, includes exploding unexploded ordinances, destroy infrastructures, cutting power or communications lines, or destroying cameras or small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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